Monday, October 22, 2012

"COMIC RELIEF"~Why doesn't Congress get anything done?

Why doesn't Congress get anything done ?




Blogger Ralph Rollins said...

I have one question. Where do you stand on reinstating Glass-Steagall? I want to see a return to the American System of Economics. SO far no one running represents those ideals. That is a make or break issue for me, give me something that separates you from Nugent.

1:38 PM  
Blogger H. David Werder said...


If I am not mistaken...
This has to do with entities such as banks taking money and investing in the stock market, securities and the like.

Then when the stocks plummeted and investment brokerage houses started to fail...
the gov't had to come in and bail them out to salvage the companies from ruin along with the banking industries and the mortgage industries etc. etc.

If reinstating this would put a stop to the philandering of peoples'usually hard earned money, of those who have worked hard to accumulate it, usually with retirement in mind. Then I would be for reinstating...

As with The phone company (BELL) several decades ago... this may have been one of those bills that helped break up companies, to the detriment of America ?

3:50 PM  

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